Candidate Identification Policy

1. Policy

Candidates are required to bring one form of original photographic identification, from the list below, photocopies / scans are not acceptable, with at least six months validity remaining. This must be presented it to the Trainer / Assessor prior to commencement of the training or assessment:

  • Any nationality passport
  • UK Driving licence with photograph
  • Non-UK Driving Licence
  • Work ID Card
  • EU Country ID Card
  • ARCA Training Card
  • CSCS Card
  • Student ID Card
  • Citizen Card
  • Trade Union Card
  • British Armed Forces Card
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Young Scots Card

A candidate without any of the above may phone 01283 505777 for more details, before attending the training or assessment. Please note all candidates are required to sign-in before training or assessments and agree to their photograph being taken.

If candidates do not bring suitable ID, they will not be issued with a certificate until the ID has
been provided and can be verified.

2. What will happen on the day?

When the candidate arrives, the assessor/trainer/invigilator will ask them to show the photo ID. Assessor’s/trainer’s/invigilator’s will check candidate details against the candidate list. No copies will be kept by the assessor/trainer/invigilator or by ARCA/ATaC. Candidate’s will then complete their assessment/course/exam at the given time.

3. What happens if candidate’s forget their photo ID?

If candidate’s forget their photo ID for an assessment/course/exam taken in person. Candidate’s will still be allowed to take their assessment/course/exam and it will not affect the candidate. The assessor’s/trainer’s/invigilator’s will make a note that the candidate did not have a photo ID and ARCA/ATaC administration team will contact the person who made
the booking after the assessment/course/exam to verify the photograph we have taken on the day to verify against.

4. Why do I need to provide photo ID?

ARCA/ATaC are required by regulators and our awarding bodies to take all reasonable steps to ensure we identify the candidates who take our assessments/courses/exams at the time of the assessment. This is particularly important for qualifications which may be used to enter for other qualifications or as part of an employment application.

5. Impersonating a candidate malpractice.

If anyone is found to be impersonating a candidate, in an attempt to take the assessment/course/exam on the candidate’s behalf, this will be investigated as potential malpractice in line with the ARCA/ATaC Malpractice and Maladministration Policy. This is considered a serious academic offence and penalties for a proven case can include
disqualification of the candidate from ARCA/ATaC/RSPH/CITB assessments/courses/exams and being barred from entering future ARCA/ATaC/RSPH/CITB assessments/courses/exams for a specified period of time.

For further information, please refer to the ARCA/ATaC Malpractice and Maladministration Policy. 

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