Information for Domestic Clients

We do not encourage DIY removal of asbestos products, as the implications of disturbing asbestos can be very serious.

Due to the need to assess condition and potential for fibre release when managing asbestos materials, ATaC / ARCA is unable to provide detailed advice on householders regarding domestic asbestos.

However, there are some general guidelines which should be followed therefore we have produced a short guidance note which covers questions such as:

What is asbestos?
Why is asbestos a problem?
Where might I find asbestos?
If I find asbestos what should I do?
How to dispose of asbestos?

The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association has produced a guidance note which is available as a free download here

Local Councils may have their own asbestos policy relating to Council Housing. Therefore, Council Tenants should not remove any asbestos from the structure of buildings but should contact their Local Council for advice.

If you would like to know more about asbestos please visit our About Asbestos web page.

If you require further advice please contact a specialist asbestos surveying company - find an ATaC Member
If you need the services of a licensed asbestos removal contractor – find an ARCA member