Appeals Policy

1. Appeals

Candidates can appeal against a grade or mark they have received. These procedures relate to internal assessments and training.

1.1. Grounds for Appeal

These are some of the reasons you might appeal:

  • The procedures or rules have not been followed.
  • You feel the result is unfair because of personal reasons e.g. illness,
  • Your work has been affected by teaching or organisation of the class.
  • There has been an administrative error.

1.2. Should I Appeal?

You need to think calmly and carefully because you may be disappointed with your result; if you appeal you have to produce a lot of evidence to make your case.

1.3. How do I Appeal?

If you decide to go ahead and appeal you need to do this within 5 working days.

• Stage 1

On the day, discuss the situation with your assessor/trainer. They may be able to sort things out straight away. After you leave the centre or when you have received your results contact the administration team, in writing, providing them
with the relevant information about your appeal.

• Stage 2
The Internal Quality Assurer / Training Manager will investigate and write to you with the results of their findings.

• Stage 3
If you are still not satisfied – Your case will be passed to the External Verifier / Chief Executive who will review the evidence and make a final decision.

1.4. What might be the Result of my Appeal?

• Your result might stay the same.
• Your work may be regraded.
• You or your work may be reassessed.
• You may be asked to present more evidence so your work can be regraded

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