Online CSCS Card Checker

CSCS smartcards can be validated by using the CSCS Smart Check app, providing proof that the card is genuine.


The CSCS Smart Check app allows individuals to validate both physical and virtual CSCS smartcards, including ATaC AMI Skills Cards. This tool validates the cardholder’s identity and ensures they have the appropriate training and qualifications for the work they undertake. 

CSCS Smart Check provides employers with a quick, easy and secure way of ensuring everyone has the right CSCS card for the job they do on site.

How to use?

CSCS Smartcards can be checked quickly and easily.

Available for free via Google Play and the App Store, CSCS Smart Check is designed to improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures and site safety while also helping tackle card fraud.

Certain information on a CSCS smartcard is required, including the partner scheme, individual’s surname and registration number. When all the information has been inputted, the checker will verify the card, and if validated the CSCS smartcard information can be viewed on screen.

Validate CSCS Smartcards via the CSCS Smart Check app