Asbestos Removal Manager Cards

ARCA is issuing CSCS cards for Asbestos Removal Managers, under the AMI Skills Card Scheme, accepting applications from employers and individual asbestos removal managers for:

Temporary red card

  • Asbestos Removal Manager (Trained) – valid for 3 year, not renewable
  • Asbestos Removal Manager (Experienced Worker) – valid for 1 year, not renewable

Black card

  • Asbestos Removal Manager – valid for 5 years, renewable

AMI Skills Card Asbestos Removal Manager

By carrying the CSCS logo these cards provide a means to verify identity and that the manager has the required qualifications, training and experience to carry out their work on a construction site.

All physical smartcards issued by ARCA use smart technology and contain an electronic chip. This can be used to check the identity of the card holder and, for example, when ARCA updates a card holders’ record with ‘successfully completed Licensed Contract Manager Update’ this will automatically update the chip in the card.

Virtual smartcards can also be issued to applicants, at no additional cost, if the applicant provides a personal mobile number and email address on the application form. A virtual smartcard is a smartcard that is stored in an app on the card holders’ smartphone or tablet (this can be used instead of or as well as a physical card). Full details on the smartcard system and app are available here

Requirements to gain a Managers CSCS Card

The training and/or qualifications required to gain a temporary red card or a gold card are listed in the ARCA AMI Skills Card Scheme Information booklet which is available to download on this page.

How to Apply

Applications for cards can be made by employers or individual supervisors, with proof of the required training / qualification for that particular card being submitted with the application.

  • Step 1 Gain ALL the relevant training and/or qualifications required for the card (as stated in the Scheme Information booklet).
  • Step 2 Signing into or register onto the ARCA portal via the green login button at the top of this page. Go to CSCS cards to complete an Application Form and upload all training and/or qualifications evidence required for the card and submit.
  • Step 3 Once submitted ARCA will review the application. If all information is correct, a card and an invoice will be issued.
Sign into your Portal, or register today, and apply online.
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Full information on the scheme is available to download here