New application process for CHAS via ATaC

ATaC continues to offer CHAS (H&S) assessment alongside membership, with a new process and discounted rates from 1st July 2020.

ATaC continues to offer CHAS (H&S) assessment alongside membership. A member company will need to complete the online application process, which includes a declaration, and upload documentation as evidence to support the application, in the new CHAS / ATaC Portal.

Following this, an ATaC assessor will be able to access and audit the documentation, prior to CHAS accreditation confirmation.

When applying for CHAS (H&S), organisations need to confirm total number of employees, as the cost of accreditation is banded. For example, companies with 16 - 30 employees (office and site staff) would pay £465 if applying directly to CHAS. However, ATaC members can obtain a 25% discount (available across all bandings) when applying via ATaC.

Further information is available here